PID Overview


The information below is for the VBM Domobar Super double boiler version V4.0 w/ PID. This is a work in progress as we are awaiting full details from the manufacturer.

Programming Temperature

Press the “down” arrow button and the display will show T1 (default can be between 193 and 204) – immediately press the “up” arrow button to access programmed coffee boiler temperature – within 3 seconds, you need to program the coffee boiler temperature using the “up” or “down” keys immediately to change. Immediately after displaying the T1 menu option, depress and release the “down” arrow button and the display will show P2 (default = 1.3) – shows boiler pressure, press “up” or “down” keys immediately to change the steam boiler pressure. Default minimum of 0.8 to a maximum of 1.5.

Programming PID

With the espresso machines in the power off position and the reservoir filled in tank mode, to get into the PID menu programming.

  1. Depress and hold both display buttons.
  2. Put the switch into position “1” and continue holding two buttons.

The display will cycle through the following changes:

ECU --> 1.02 --> F.03

Once the display reads F.03, you can release the two buttons. To change between Fahrenheit (F) or Celsius (C), depress and release the “up” arrow to access this menu. Press the “down” arrow to make the change. After 3 seconds, the menu item will save and the display will revert back to F.03

To access the different menu options from F.03, press the “down” arrow button and the menu will scroll with the following bolded display menu options

The following will be the setting of the coffee boiler PID. All settings below are factory pre-set.

CP --> P = 1.0
CI --> I = 0.0
CD --> D = 0.5

The next set of options will be setting the steam boiler PID

SP --> P = 1.0
SI --> I = 0.0
SD --> D = 0.5

We do not recommend changing the PID settings as these are optimized for the machine. You can change them, but we can not make any recommendations as to the coffee blend you are using. So, it will be a lot of experimentation and possibly wasted coffee.

The next menu option will be the grouphead offset

F.04 = 19

The next menu option will be the steam boiler offset.

F.05 = -3