Not Heating


There are several areas to review when a Vibiemme Junior is not heating.

  1. Remove the body panel by removing the 3 screws on each side.
  2. Inspect all wires and make sure there are no loose connections.
  3. Check the wires that connect to the black box. A loose wire is usually the most likely culprit on a fairly new machines as sometimes wires are loosened in shipping.
  4. Check and depress the red button on the safety thermostat.
  5. Check to see if the red light operates on the relay which is found on the floor.
  6. Check to see if there are any scuff / blackened areas on the relay cable.
  7. Under the reservoir platform, check that the 3 wires are connected to microswitch. Make sure removable platform is seated properly and the reservoir is full of water. Please note that any burn marks, burnt wires, or blackened marks are typically caused by poor electricity or surges from the electric company or appliances.