Heat Shield Installation


Please allow your VBM espresso machine to fully cool and unplug before installation. remove the water reservoir and top cup tray from the machine. Disconnect any optional water softener you may have connected to the water intake hose.

Body panel removal

On both sides of the Vibiemme Domobar Super, there are three flat head screws that need to be removed. To avoid scratching the body panel, hold the screwdriver in one hand, and use your other hand over the screwdriver as a guide by the body panel. remove all six screws and place in a container.

Heat Shield Installation

Very carefully, remove yellow strips (total 2) from heat shield. It is better to pull yellow strips from the middle (inside) and pull outwards. Place very careful attention not to pull off the adhesive that is on the shield. Check the space between the boiler and internal wall from the left side of the espresso machine and make sure there is a clear path to get the heat shield into place.

From the left side (facing the front of the espresso machine), insert the heat shield – silver shiny side towards the boiler (large vessel) and adhesive side toward the internal wall in front of where the water reservoir sits. The silver side should probably touch the boiler while inserting so the adhesive does not stick before inserting the heat shield all the way. Then apply it to the internal wall.

The heat shield should NOT get placed on the reservoir side of the internal wall as water spillage may damage it.

Place body panel back into position and place 6 screws back loosely. Once all 6 screws are in place, then tighten them.