Change Grouphead Gasket – Slayer

What is the grouphead gasket?

The grouphead gasket seals the portafilter into the group head when engaged into the group.

How do you know when you should change your gaskets?

Slayer recommends changing your group head gasket every 3 months. Or if you are experiencing leaks around the side of your portafilter.

Assemble the following tools for this:
Change Grouphead Gasket - Slayer - Right angle pickChange Grouphead Gasket - Slayer - GasketChange Grouphead Gasket - Slayer - Stubby, flat-head screwdriver
Right angle pickGrouphead / Portafilter GasketStubby, flat-head screwdriver
Recommended steps to follow:
  1. Remove the portafilter.
  2. Using the screwdriver, remove the group dispersion screen and screw.
  3. Soak the screen and screw in hot water with a teaspoon of backflushing detergent. We recommend Ascaso Coffee Washer. You can use the hot water from the Slayer.
  4. With the pick, remove the old grouphead / portafilter gasket. If the gasket is brittle, it may come out in pieces. Run the pick around the groove for the gasket to make sure you have all pieces out.
  5. Insert the new gasket. Use the screwdriver to help push the gasket into the groove around inside the group head.
  6. Insert one ear of the portafilter and clock as far as it will turn. This will help seat the gasket. Repeat with other ear.
  7. Remove the group screw and screen from hot water. Rinse off the backflushing detergent.
  8. Insert the screen and screw tighten fingertip tight into group head.
  9. Insert your portafilter, it should now clock to 6pm on the grouphead.

Congratulations! You just changed your group head gasket!