Steam Boiler Not Heating - Lelit PL92T Elizabeth -

Steam Boiler Not Heating – Lelit PL92T Elizabeth

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Please check the following:

  • The machine needs to be powered on. Also, allow it to heat up for 20-30 minutes.
  • On the LCC, make sure the steam boiler is turned on. Also, check the temperature is programmed for 125 °C or higher.
  • Test the steam knob on the side if it turns normally. If not, pull the knob off to check the inside of the knob for damage.
  • Unscrew the steam tip to check the holes for any clogs due to crusted milk.
  • Please remove the top cover with 3 screws removed from the reservoir area.
  • There is a reset button on the steam boiler on the back left-hand side. Make sure the unit is unplugged. Lift up the top cover. There are 2 safety thermostats, and push-button in the middle of the wires. Here is an example and these may change in color: MC521. If the buttons click, it will reset. However, if they click, this means the double red wire sensor is fouled up from the water. If it trips again, the sensor will need to be cleaned with a wire brush. The foul-up on the sensor causes the machine to overheat, and trip the safety.

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