Parts Diagram - Lelit PL41TEM Anna -

Parts Diagram – Lelit PL41TEM Anna

Please use the diagrams below to help find the exact part you are looking for. After you find the part, copy the SKU #. Then use the search bar at the top of our website. If there are no results in the search, we most likely do not have the part. We only special order parts if the specific model was purchased through 1st-line Equipment. For general questions, please use our parts inquiry page.
2200065 MC031 MC143
2200067 MC032 MC156
7800027 (pdf) MC037 MC182 (pdf)
AST114 MC042 MC190
CD024-466 MC043 MC191
CD348-1 MC045 MC192
CD361 MC046 MC195
CD377 MC047SIL MC196
CD458 MC048 MC197-110
CD458-1 MC049-1 MC215
CD458-2 MC050 MC230
CD487 MC051 MC238
CD553 MC053 MC268
CD630 MC056 MC312
FS072 MC057 MC313
MC001 MC061 MC377
MC002 MC072 MC378
MC002-C MC073 MC429
MC003 MC075 MC623
MC005 MC080 MC625
MC006-110 (similar) MC084-27 MC626
MC007 MC097 MC639
MC009 MC099 MC640
MC010-110 MC100 MC740-110
MC017 (similar) MC101 MC741
MC020 MC103 MC742
MC022 MC105 MC749
MC023 MC137 MC750
MC027 MC139 MX129
MC029-110 MC140 XMC011

Bryan B. from United States (US) purchased

Lelit PLA580W Bottomless Wood Handle Portafilter - PL62/PL162 models

19 hours, 24 minutes ago