Low Water Sensor Not Indicating Low Water – Lelit Bianca

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  1. First, check the black wire that runs from the bottom of the reservoir to the underlying frame. With the machine powered off and cool, disconnect one side and reconnect. Disconnect the other side and reconnect. Check the machine.
  2. Second, remove the reservoir and empty out the water. Remove the cap from the magnetic float guide inside the reservoir. Make sure the black-colored magnet moves freely and faces down. Insert the reservoir into the machine with the magnetic float position correctly and press on the float firmly. Check to see if the low water level sensor illuminates the LCC.
  3. Third, remove the reservoir. There are 4 feet as well as a plastic tab. Make sure this is not broken. This tab fits into the groove on the bottom. If the tab is missing, the tank needs to be replaced as it was damaged. Make sure there is a little metal tab from a switch that clicks. Use the opposite side of a plastic spoon or plastic fork(do not use metal as electrocution or damage may occur) to gently push the metal tab and feel or listen for a click. If it clicks, it means the switch works.
  4. Fourth, there is a white circular protrusion (sensor) coming from the platform the reservoir sits on. Inside there is a black-colored flat surface. Make sure it is very close to flush with the top of the white circular portion. If not, the sensor sunk in. If this happens, then the bottom platform of the reservoir assembly needs to be removed. There is a holding pin that needs to be inspected. It may have fallen off.

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