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Before attempting any of these steps, please unplug the machine and proceed with caution and common sense as 1st-line Equipment is not responsible for any damages or personal injuries. If you do not agree, please stop here. Unplug the electrical cord from the electrical outlet.

  1. Check water reservoir to make sure it is full and properly seated inside the machine.
  2. If there is no power to the machine, check fuse inside the little black cover next to electrical cord connection. You can visually inspect if the fuse is broken. Check power switch with multimeter.
  3. If there is power to the machine, check the relay inside left side of machine inside cover and near gauge. The relay looks like a small electronics board. On some models, it is attached to the pressurstat. If burnt marks are present inside, then it probably needs to be replaced.
  4. If there is power to the machine, unplug the 2 wires from the heating element and check the continuity/resistance of the heating element. An acceptable ohm reading is between 8 and 16.
  5. If there is power to the machine, plug in the electrical cord of the machine, power on and after checking pump is operational, open the steam valve and allow to heat for 20 minutes. If it heats, the vacuum breaker valve needs to be cleaned or replaced. If it still does not heat, there is a chance the brain unit (auto refill relay) needs to be replaced. There is no way to check this other than to replace and see.
  6. Please also check the relay on the inside left or on the pressurstat.  If the 2 contacts are blackened, unplug machine, remove part, remove cover and clean contacts with wire brush.

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