Grinder Cleaning

Lelit Microfiber Cloth with LogoBean Hopper Cleaning

If your beans are oily on their surfaces, these oils will rub onto the inside of your bean hopper. These oils can build up, and they can disturb the flow of beans going into the neck of the grinding chamber. therefore, we recommend cleaning the bean hopper on your grinder once a month with a microfiber cloth. If the bean hopper is easily removable, then it should be removed. if it is not easily removable, we recommend removing the bean hopper every six (6) months.

Doser Cleaning / Doserless Chute Cleaning

The doser on your doser model coffee grinder or the exit chute on a doserless model coffee grinder can become filled with ground coffee – especially if there is static coffee. the first step is to brush out the coffee grinders:

for doser models, we recommendfor doserless models, we recommend
Ascaso Coffee Grinder Cleaning BrushCleaningBrush

After clearing out the ground coffee, it is recommended to use a microfiber cloth to remove any remaining residues.

Burr Cleaning – Stand Alone (not to be used on superautomatics)

For over 10 years, we would recommend that customers take apart their grinders to gain access to cleaning their burrs. Grinding burrs should be cleaned at least every 6 months or whenever there is a problem attaining a fne enough grind fineness. Now, thanks to Urnex Brands, we have a fantastic product that performs extremely well in keeping those grinding burrs clean.

UrnexFull Circle
UrnexFull Circle

After the coffee beans have been cleared from the bean hopper (and doser if appicable), load the grinder cleaner into the bean hopper and grind just like coffee beans. After grinding the entire amount, coffee beans should be ground to clear any remaining residue from the grinding chamber. Clean the doser and your finished. Much simpler than taking apart the coffee grinder.