Grinder Burr Replacement Schedule Maintenance

Premature Wear

Premature burr wear can be caused by rocks, nails, etc., that aren’t removed in the roasting and bagging process. Motor shaft and/or bearing damage also accelerates burr deterioration.

A Coffee Professional’s Approach to Burr Life

For the serious coffee professional the manufacturer’s recommended replacement standards take the burrs far past their personal threshold of quality. The extreme perspective might call for one to change their burrs at the half-life. So your 880 lbs becomes 440 lbs and so on…

We suggest to our customers that they just be aware. If you are quality orientated and find yourself particularly sensitive to negative effects dull burrs can have on espresso flavor or consistency 1st-line recommends to start looking for signs of wear beginning from 50% – 75% of the recommended burr life.

This is a general guideline. As long your espresso is looking and tasting great you are probably good to go!

Worn Burrs: Things to Look For

  1. Grind consistency. Are your grounds similar in size with very little variation?
  2. Taste. Does your espresso taste flat no matter what you do?
  3. Burr edges. Do they feel dull?
  4. Inconsistent shot times. Are your shot times jumping around shot to shot, even though you aren’t making any changes?

Make Model Change
Ascaso I-1, I-2, I-Mini, I-Steel
(54 mm flat)
I-1, I-2, I-Mini, I-Steel
(38 mm conical)
660 lbs
Ceado E5P, E6P, E6X, E7X, E7
(64 mm flat)
880 lbs
Ceado E37S, E8, E9
(83 mm flat)
1320 lbs
Ceado E15, E92
(71 mm conical)
2200 lbs
Eureka MCI 550 lbs
La Marzocco Swift 3200 lbs
Mahlkonig EK43 1300 lbs
Mahlkonig K30 1600 lbs
Mahlkonig Tanzania 7900 lbs
Mazzer Kony
(63 mm flat, 110V, 1 phase)
1600 lbs
Mazzer Kony
(67 mm flat, 220V, 3 phase)
1600 lbs
Mazzer Mini Timer
(58 mm flat ,110V, 1 phase)
Type A, Type B
(64 mm flat ,110V, 1 phase)
600 lbs
Mazzer Robur
(71 mm flat, 110V, 1 phase)
1600 lbs
Mazzer Robur
(83 mm flat, 220V, 3 phase)
1700 lbs
Mazzer Super Jolly
(64 mm flat, 110V, 1 phase)
800 lbs
Quamar M80
(63 mm flatt)
1100 lbs