Draining Instructions – Prosumer Machines (Tank only heat-exchanger models with hot water wand and with the intake hose at the top of the reservoir)

This procedure will not work for a heat exchanger espresso machine where the water in the reservoir exits the bottom of the reservoir. In some cases, this procedure may be utilized on plumbed in machines whereby the intake hose is disconnected and the machine has no internal safety water sensor on the water line. Please note this procedure can cause damage to the pump if run for too long, and we are not responsible for any damages. Be careful as this procedure can result in personal injury, especially the hot water.

  1. Read and understand these instructions entirely before attempting to drain your boiler. Consult us via email with any questions before continuing.
  2. Plug in the machine and power it on as normal. The machine must be fully heated.
  3. Find two large containers (must be able to accept scalding hot water, so glass should not be used), place one under the grouphead and one under the hot water wand.
  4. Remove the top cover, if any, of your water reservoir. Remove the water intake line from the water reservoir.
  5. The full water reservoir should remain in place with water.
  6. Engage the pump by turning on the brew switch or lift up the lever on the E61 grouphead until most water has exited from the grouphead.
  7. Immediately after and before the steam pressure starts to decline, turn off the main power switch and unplug the machine from the electrical outlet.
  8. Open the hot water dispensing valve so the steam pressure pushes out the hot water from the boiler..
  9. Run the machine until water stops flowing from the hot water wand.
  10. Leave the steam valve open so air can evaporate the remaining water.
  11. If the machine has a lever with an E61 grouphead, leave the lever in the up position.