Draining Direct Water Plumbed Commercial HX Espresso Machine


  1. The following instructions remove most of the water, but there is no process to remove ALL of the water from the machine.
  2. These instructions should be used for storage or shipping in freezing weather to avoid damage.


  1. The machine must be connected to a water line.
  2. After the machine is fully heated, shut off the water supply.
  3. Immediately power on each grouphead to get the water out of the heat exchanger tubes.
    1. If the machine has a sensor to shut off for lack of water line pressure, then shut off grouphead.
    2. If the machine does not have a sensor, run until water only dribbles from grouphead or 30 seconds (whichever is less) then power off.
  4. Power off the machine.
  5. Place a container under hot water spigot.
  6. Open the hot water spigot valve. Steam and hot water will exit. BE CAREFUL not to burn oneself.

Once hot water no longer exits, the machine is drained.

After draining:

  1. Keep both the steam and hot water valves open during storage to allow further evaporation while the espresso machine cools.
    1. If the espresso machine has a little lever in the side of the grouphead, keep it in the open position for the same reason.
    2. If there is switch or touchpad, this will not be possible and just allow the hot machine to evaporate the remaining water while cooling.