Descaling Instructions – Super-Automatic, Single Thermoblock

Purpose: Remove limescale deposits, caused by magnesium and calcium, from the internal workings of the espresso machine.

Machine identity: These instructions are provided for descaling a traditional espresso machine with water reservoir. Your espresso machine must have a single internal boiler that provides both water for espresso extraction and steam for steaming/frothing milk. This machine typically has a separate switch for activating steam mode.

Requirements before you start: cold espresso machine in power off position and plugged into outlet, descaling product, mixing container/pitcher, fresh water, 8 oz or larger cup.

  1. If your instruction manual has instructions for descaling, please use those instructions as the primary instructions, and please use the following as secondary instructions.
  2. Remove water from reservoir.
  3. Ascaso Coffee Washer - for descalingFollow instructions on descaler product to acquire proper solution ratio as most descalers require a mixture with water into a mixing container/pitcher. We sell Ascaso Coffee Washer for descaling.
  4. Pour descaling solution into water reservoir.
  5. Place 8 oz or larger cup under steam wand.
  6. In coffee/hot water mode, open steam wand knob to full open position.
  7. Press the power switch to ‘on’.
  8. Press the power switch to ‘off’ when approximately 1/4 of the descaling solution in the reservoir has exited into the cup(s)
  9. Properly dispose of descaling solution from cup.
  10. Wait 10 minutes with machine power in ‘off’ position.
  11. Repeat steps 5 through 10 three more time.
  12. Rinse water reservoir and hoses with fresh water.
  13. Refill reservoir with water.
  14. Repeat steps 5 through 13 two times with fresh water only to rinse machine of descaling product.
  15. The machine has successfully been descaled.