Accessing The Burrs on the Eureka Mignon Grinder

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The hopper needs to be removed. If there are any beans inside close the hopper door and grind out any remaining beans. Then remove the hopper.

Power off your grinder. Unplug the cord from the outlet.

In the back of the grinder, you will see the Eureka logo. You can easily remove this by pulling at one side. Behind this logo you will see a screw.

This screw holds the top plate. You will need a Phillips head screw to remove this.

Carefully remove the top plate to reveal the burr carrier.

The top of the burr carrier is held in with 3 Phillips head screws.

CAUTION: These screws can be very tight. Be careful when removing to not strip the screws.

These burrs can get gunked up with ground coffee, especially when adjusting to a finer grind when the burrs are not moving. If any grinds gets packed into the grooves of the burrs, it will render the grinder to grind only coarse grinds or none at all.

Use a brush to clean off the burrs. Make sure to get into the grooves of both burrs.

After cleaning reassemble in reverse order.

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