Steam Boiler Not Heating / Overheating – Elektra Verve

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An overheating situation can occur when

  • the pressurestat is set too high
  • the pressurestat has corrosion (buildup from limescale due to hard water or oxidation due to more purified water).

Not Heating

  1. The machine should be cooled and unplugged from the electrical outlet.
  2. Test in a GFIC outlet to see if it trips. This will show if the heating element was damaged due to lack of water in the boiler.
  3. Find and depress the safety thermostat.
  4. If used in plumbed in, what was the inbound water line pressure?
  5. If in tank mode, when was the last time the water softener was recharged as well as replaced? This may cause a decrease in water being pumped to refill the steam boiler once water is removed from the steam boiler through the hot water valve.
  6. If you remove the top lid and cover (4 screws) with the machine unplugged from the electrical outlet, please reset the safety thermostat.
  7. If knowledgeable on how to use a multimeter or continuity tester, the 2 wires need to be removed from the steam boiler heating element and tested for resistance or continuity at the heating elements posts.

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