Removing top cover – Dream

Removing top cover – Dream

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Some customers would like to replace their own pumps or perform self-repairs. Here is a short step by step process to remove the top cover.
Removing Top Cover Removing Top Cover
Before you start, remove the water reservoir, unplug the machine, remove the portafilter and drip tray/cover from machine. Place a dry clean towel on a flat surface and turn the machine upside down on the towel. You will see the versatile grouphead (or similar). Use a small Philips head screwdriver to loosen and remove the 2 screws as indicated on the arrows. After removal of the screws, hold the machine with each hand on each side (making sure to hold the top cover in place), and sit the machine right side up. The top cover can be removed. You should be able to see the internals. Please note this photo shows the Ascaso Dream. The Ascaso Dream UP model will have a three-way solenoid valve as well as an OPV (over-pressure valve). The 2 screws (indicated by the red arrows) can be removed and should be tightened back onto the top cover.

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