Not Heating – Most Ascaso espresso machines

Not Heating – Most Ascaso espresso machines

Please note that we do not train how to use multimeters (referenced below) as there are so many brands and models in the marketplace. If you do not have one or do not know how to use one, the machine should be inspected by a professional repair person familiar with the use of a multimeter as well as experience in espresso machine repairs.

Stage One

If there is power to the unit, check to see if the Ascaso espresso machine heats in steam mode. If it does, you will need a new 100 degree Celsius coffee thermostat. If there is no power, you may have a bad power switch which can only be diagnosed with a multimeter.

Resetting safety thermostat (please follow for your machine – please note these instructions may not apply to units imported by previous importers):

Dream Versatile models: There is no safety reset. There is a replacement one that may be defective. If not, the boiler heating element could also be bad. the only way to know is to test with a multimeter or continuity tester.

Steel Uno Professional models: Unplug the Steel Ono Professional from electrical outlet. Remove 2 screws from top cover back. Look at large boiler inside and on wall of the brass boiler, you will see a safety thermostat (similar) that has 2 wires connected. Between the two wires, there is a red, gray, or tan push button. If you feel a click, please reassemble and test unit. It should work.

If the safety thermostat does not click, you will need a continuity tester or a multimeter with a continuity test mode. If you do not have this tool or do not know how to use it, you can send your machine in for evaluation.

Stage Two (all models)

With the multimeter, please check for continuity between

  1. the heat element posts
  2. the posts on each heating element post and the boiler wall
    If there is no continuity between the posts OR there is continuity between either post and the boiler wall, then you have a damaged heating element. You can find the parts in our Ascaso parts catalog.
  3. the posts on the coffee thermostat
  4. the posts on the steam thermostat
  5. the posts on the safety thermostat

If there is no continuity on the above, the appropriate thermostat needs to be replaced.

Tripping the Ground Fault Interrupt Circuit (a.k.a. GFI or GFIC)

GFI outlets usually have a test and reset button in one of your outlets. There can be more than one outlet attached or in line to a GFI outlet somewhere else in your home.

If your Ascaso machine is tripping your GFI, there are 3 circumstances that have occurred or are occurring:

  1. Although your GFI may work with other appliances, the electrical power requirement upon warm-up can fake the GFI into thinking there is a short in the line or machine. Try the machine on a NON-GFI outlet, and see whether the heating light goes on and off. If it does, then the problem is the GFI and a new GFI needs to be installed.
  2. If the heating light does NOT go on and off within 10 minutes, then the machine’s boiler and heating element were operated without water – causing damage. The heating element inside the boiler (not water reservoir) must always be submerged in water inside the internal boiler. If not, it melts down and causes a short to rip the GFI. The machine would need to be repaired.
  3. There is a possibility of the machine leaking internally which is tripping the GFI – this usually occurs if the machine arrives wet or if it was left in the cold and the water inside froze (usually occurring on a used machine).

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