LED Repair - Steel models -

LED Repair – Steel models

LED repair LED repair
These isntructions are for changing the LED on an Ascaso Steel series espresso machine. Please make sure you have and ordered the correct LEDs as there is more than 1 version. Remove the two rear screws that hold the top cover in place. The screws are located on the rear, filling these holes.
LED repair LED repair
The cover should lift free now. Loosen the top coffee switch by pushing in the tab’s on the side (the black tabs) and the switch will come out.
LED repair LED repair
Now you will have easier access to the LED Light, below the swtich. You can loosen LED light by also pushing in the small tabs on the side.
LED repair
Once you have removed the LED Light- To remove the wire’s you will have to cut the tie wraps and then you can loosen the wires on the end of the light and replace them with the new wires. Replace the light, then the switch, then the top cover.

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