General support – Ascaso versatile models

This page pertains to Ascaso espresso machines with a VERSATILE boiler – typically ones with a 57mm grouphead and a filter handle that is removable – and is found in the Dream, Arc, Basic, and Steel series of espresso machines.

Machine doesn’t heat in coffee mode

  1. Fill water reservoir half full and power unit ON.
  2. Place cup under steam wand and open steam valve.
  3. Press coffee switch to on and make sure steam switch is off.
  4. Check whether water can be pumped through the hot water wand, then continue. If water can not be pumped, continue to next section

    Pump does not pump water

  5. Shut off coffee switch and close steam valve.
  6. Press steam switch to on and wait 2 minutes.
  7. Open steam valve and see if there is steam or any heat.
  8. If there is steam, then the coffee thermostat inside the machine needs replacement. If there is no steam or no heat, the machine can have a defective coffee thermostat, steam thermostat, and /or a bad heating element. These would then have to be checked for continuity with a multimeter.

Pump does not pump water to prime machine through steam wand or grouphead

When initially priming the machine, it is best to place a cup under the steam wand, open the steam valve, and then hit the coffee switch to power on.

Pump vibration check

  1. Turn off power switch, coffee switch, and steam switch, unplug electrical cord from electrical outlet, and let unit cool if fully hot.
  2. Remove top cover – 2 long screws behind grouphead need to be removed. Cover slides upwards.
  3. Pump should be held properly by two rubber support brackets which are placed very close to the middle bulk of the pump. If extended, correct by sliding the brackets as close as possible to the middle and make sure the pump is positions so it is clear from toughing the body or fame.
  4. Place top cover back on and tighten screws into extenders. Please note that sometimes extenders loosen when screws are removed.