Fineness reset – I-Steel

fineness resetfineness reset
On the most recent batch of I-Steel grinders, some users are finding that they do not adjust fine enough. The grinder itself is capable of grinding finer, however there is a stop screw set inside that prevents you from reaching this point.If you feel that you are not grinding fine enough and you have hit this “stop” in place, you simply need to remove the two rear screws at the top. The top cover will lift off.
fineness reset
You will see a single screw on the top face of the gold burr carrier. This screw prevents the user from adjusting the grind finer past this point. This screw is a T15 Torx (the little star head). You can remove this screw and adjust finer. After adjusting, you can replace the screw in the next hole or leave it removed. REMEMBER: Never adjust grind setting when the grinder is not spinning. In order to not jam the grinder, the burrs must be spinning when changing grind settings.