Drain water – Steel Duo

How to drain water from the Ascaso Steel Duo boiler / thermoblock:

  1. Fill the water reservoir about half way.
  2. Power the machine ON.
  3. Fully heat both the boiler and thermoblock.
  4. Remove the longest hose from water reservoir and place it outside of the machine.
  5. Turn ON the steam switch and keep ON until no more steam exits the wand.
  6. Turn OFF the steam switch.

The following has to be completed within 30 seconds to avoid damage to the heating element in the coffee boiler).

  1. Turn ON the hot water switch and keep ON until no more water exits the wand.
  2. Turn OFF the hot water switch.
  3. Turn ON the coffee switch and keep ON until no more water exits the grouphead (NOTE: no water may come out).
  4. Power OFF the machine.
  5. Remove the water reservoir, empty the reamining water, and place back in machine.

Notes on preparing the machine for shipment:

  • Separate the filter handle from the portafilter head.
  • The portafilter head should be locked into the grouphead.
  • The black handle should be inside the accessory box. Secure it with Scotch tape.
  • The accessory box should be placed between the drip tray and the grouphead.
  • The steam wand should be tucked to the front.
  • Make sure there is packaging material below the machine to avoid frame damage.