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Quamar coffee grinders are safe, efficient, reliable, and easy to use. These high-quality grinders are commercial grade and suitable for cafés and small restaurants.

Its unique product design includes rounded lines and compact forms that maximize space and functionality. These grinders are 100% from Italy and are the pinnacle of coffee grinders.

Quamar comes from the north-eastern town of Altivole, Italy, by Mirco Martignago and Luca Quagliott in 2000. Since then, it has become a highly respected manufacturer and supplier of professional coffee grinders and bar equipment. With an impressive design and manufacturing process, Quamar’s in-house quality control measures ensure each machine is built to last. Therefore, café owners and restauranteurs around the globe prefer this brand.

Quamar considers all coffee grinding possible in order to accommodate the specific needs of different types of coffee. Engineers design blades for grinding regular and decaffeinated beans, and special blends, necessary to extract the full profile, taste, and aroma of each bean. With conical and plane grinding blades capable of producing up to 22 pounds a day, the technology behind each machine is well thought out and relevant.

Quamar’s Top Three Grinders for Sale

1st-line Equipment is Quamar’s first U.S. importer and supplier of this high-caliber coffee grinder. Thus, here is a selection of the three best Quamar espresso coffee grinders in its line:

  • The Quamar T48 Commercial Espresso Grinder has a variable control setting to “hone in” on the right grind. It also features a large removable hopper and dosing adjustment knob. This machine will create the perfect espresso grind every time.
  • The Quamar Q50 Commercial Doserless Espresso Grinder is a compact, quiet, no-frills machine with a digital display and programmable settings.
  • Quamar M80E v2 Commercial Doserless Espresso Grinder has programmable dosage buttons, digital service reminders, a programmable sleep feature, and a digital display.

In addition to these three robust and technologically advanced grinders, we provide parts and other supplies for them.

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