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Ponte Vecchio Srl was a collaboration of entrepreneurs with vast mechanical engineering experience. A relatively young company that makes its home in the north of Italy. Ponte Vecchio Srl has been producing lever espresso coffee and cappuccino machines for the residential market since the beginning of 1999. The company prides itself on the artistically designed and sound construction of each one of their machines, taking the craftsman’s approach reflective of world-renowned Italian manufacturing. These traditional lever-action espresso machines are ideal for families, offices, and small organizations.

The company produces three models; Lusso, Lusso 2 Gruppi, and Export. Each hand lever machine comes with the following features and options:

  • Available in five colors (Chrome, Tobacco, White, Black, and Red). (available colors other than chrome sold as optional body panels)
  • Made of brass and stove-enameled steel plate polished to a mirror image
  • Automatic operation controlled by pressure switch
  • Water level sight port
  • Boiler safety valve
  • Steam valve and wand
  • The delivery unit and filter holder are made from a chromium-plated brass casting

The Lusso has been described as a workhorse lever espresso machine that’s fairly easy to use, maintain*, and clean. With a short and wide profile with rubber feet, the machine is very countertop steady, a trait desired in any hand lever espresso maker. Aesthetically, the Lusso has a retro look combining simplicity and function in a nice package.

The Lusso 2 Gruppi is a two-group lever espresso machine. Described as a ‘naked’ luxury design, this machine also falls in the retro/industrial look category like its cousin the single lever Lusso.

All the Ponte Vecchio lever action espresso machines are described as user-friendly for the experienced barista. The Export is a smaller version of the Lusso but still packs the same technological punch. Like its cousins, this unique-looking machine holds true to its retro theme.

*special tool needed to change piston gaskets

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