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Ambrose Pasquini immigrated from his native Milan, Italy to New York in 1946. Five years later Pasquini found himself in Los Angeles as a top tool and die maker. His longing for the rich coffee he’d enjoy throughout the morning and day growing up in Europe was the inspiration for a true American success story.

A solutions-oriented entrepreneur, he figured the only way he would get a cup of espresso was if he imported an espresso machine from Italy and opened up his own café on the now-famous Vermont Avenue in L. A. With his introduction of espresso to the West Coast, Pasquini found local restaurant proprietors inquiring about this new strong brew served in small cups he offered at his café.

Almost seventy years later, Pasquini’s love for espresso coffee turned into a full-time espresso machine import business. His commercial machines, found in many restaurants and cafés across the country, come from the La Cimbali Company in Milan. In the 1970s he used his engineering knowledge to design an espresso machine for the home as well as coffee aficionados could enjoy the features and reliability of a commercial machine in the comfort of their own homes.

With over a dozen machines available to the commercial and residential markets, Pasquini machines are technologically innovative, eye-catching, and reliable. Each is manufactured using renowned Italian craftsmanship. Furthermore, each Pasquini espresso machine has user-friendly and intuitive control panels so you can easily manage your beverages. In addition to espresso machines, Pasquini offers high-caliber commercial and residential coffee grinders.

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