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1st-line Equipment is proud to represent Nuova Simonelli cafe espresso machines and restaurant espresso machines. These innovative Italian-designed and produced machines come in a number of commercial and personal configurations. Imported from Italy, this established company has been producing and exporting espresso machines since 1939.

All About Nuova Simonelli

Renowned for their exceptional product development, Nuova Simonelli has a great selection of traditional and “superautomatic” machines that use silent coffee bean grinding technology. Considering both the beauty of Italian design and modern technological advances in engineering, all of their machines perform flawlessly. Additionally, they are nice to look at, leaving your workspace the definition of artistic form blended with efficient functionality.

Nuova Simonelli approaches their product development from not only the aesthetic and functional perspective but also from a strength point of view. Furthermore, this method involves forward thinking and vision where durability is a primary trait in all of their equipment designs. Thus, the company understands that professional-grade, high-capacity espresso machines are an investment and designs their products to perform consistently over the long term.

Types of Nuova Simonelli Espresso Machines

The traditional espresso coffee machine line includes only the best in class. From 2009 through 2011 their Aurelia model won the World Barista Championship for its quality, efficiency, and design. And, those characteristics are reflected in all of their machines. With one, two, and three group configurations, Nuova Simonelli has a model that will accommodate your espresso production requirements. They also have two models that are perfect for home and office settings for those serious espresso aficionados.

Their Superautomatic product line includes three high-tech espresso machines that do all the work from grinding to dispensing satisfying coffee espresso drinks. These single-group machines are great for higher-volume shops and offices. With intuitive and user-friendly control panels, their superautomatic espresso machine line is easy to use. Find an innovative espresso machine for your cafe today!

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