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In 1895, Luigi Lavazza created the force behind some of the best-tasting coffee and espresso around. An entrepreneur and innovator with a passion for coffee, Lavazza not only came up with great coffee blends, he created the way it is stored. From bags that preserve a coffee’s unique fragrance to vacuum packing grounds and beans to maintain aroma and flavor, Lavazza also came up with a novel way to sell coffee to the masses with the Lavazza Autobars. In the late 1950s, the company designed and built what looks like today’s food trucks, but with the added feature of extendable steps that allow customers to come aboard and order their coffee.

So dedicated to quality and so passionate about coffee, the largest coffee school in existence was created in 1979. That school is called the Luigi Lavazza Center for Studies and Research into Coffee. There is even a Lavazza espresso machine on the International Space Station called, “ISSPRESO”.
But history alone is not the reason for a huge Lavazza coffee following enjoyed by millions around the world. It’s the taste. Lavazza combines coffee beans from different parts of the world resulting in some of the best flavors. Harvested, processed, mixed, and roasted to create many different and balanced blends, the company has a coffee that suits everyone’s tastes.

The sublime balance of each blend is the result of mixing several types of beans from plantations worldwide. Arabica and Robusta beans are processed (washed or naturally) in their country of origin which yields each type its own benefits and characteristics. The different elements are then integrated and compounded to produce a perfectly balanced coffee, with a distinctive flavor, body, and aroma.

Lavazza espresso beans allow for that special black coffee favorite to explode with a firm crema, full body, and intense aroma, all a testament to the care and joy Lavazza puts into creating all their blends.

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