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Made in Italy, Caffemotive has made it their mission to create a new cultural platform capable of meeting both the needs of coffee lovers and the requirements of coffee professionals. The owners of Caffemotive are driven by the desire to explore new frontiers in innovation. Furthermore, they are continuously researching design and technology to improve their patents. Thus, this will ensure that their customers get the best products available in the coffee industry.

Low environmental impact and low energy consumption systems are what separates Caffemotive moka espresso makers from their competitors. So, take a look at the Bacchi stovetop espresso maker. This stovetop espresso maker is the only one that provides a water pressure of nine bars just by using an external source of flame heat.

Caffemotive moka espresso makers combine aircraft materials and advanced technology to provide you with a delicious, impacting flavor. In addition, use the Bacchi moka makers from the comfort of your home. Additionally, this small, stable, and portable coffee maker’s innovative design can obtain the proper thermal conduction, multiply the pressure, mimic the conditions achieved with professional espresso machines, and produce real espresso coffee similar to the establishments in Italy called a “bar.”

Moreover, experience all the pleasure and fragrance of a perfect espresso with Caffemotive moka espresso makers. Coffee lovers know that drinking an Italian Espresso is not merely a gesture or a habit. The best espressos will allow for drinkers to enjoy and taste the full flavor of a perfect cup of coffee. Take a look at the Bacchi Stovetop Espresso Maker and see for yourself why this coffee maker is one of the leaders in the coffee industry.

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