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Peter Bodum founded the business over 70 years ago, and it distributes numerous home kitchen coffee makers and additional accessories, such as coffee, tea, and glassware. The organization’s headquarters are in Switzerland and it proudly distributes to over 50 countries across the globe.

All of Bodum’s products are created with one mission and one mission only: “that good design should be both functional and affordable.”

Bodum Glassware

In the year of 2002, Bodum designed a line of double-wall glasses for consumers like yourself to enjoy nice, cool drinks! Bodum has earned numerous rewards throughout the years for these cups. Each design becomes novel and exciting based on their different styles and sizes to suit all customer needs! 1st-line equipment currently carries four models of Bodum glassware, including two versions of the PAVINA line and two versions of the ASSAM line. Check out the 12 oz PAVINA, 2.5 oz PAVINA, 8.5 oz ASSAM, and 6.5 oz ASSAM today!

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