1st-line Equipment is proud to carry the Behmor Brazen Plus home model coffee maker and Behmor 1600 Plus home coffee roaster. If you’re looking for a customizable temperature control brew system, then take a look at the Brazen Plus. This coffee maker can brew up to eight cups of coffee with 1° temperature control accuracy, programmable pre-soak, and pulse water delivery. The mode button allows users to program the pre-soak time and the brew start time. The pre-soak function enables you to get the most flavor out of your grounds, and the elevation calibration compensates for elevation changes so you can bring this machine along anywhere.

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The award-winning Behmor 1600 Plus includes a customizable drum coffee roaster and can roast up to 1 lb of green coffee beans. This coffee roaster enables craft coffee roasting with smoke suppression and precision controls, right from the comfort of your home. 1st-line has used a Behmor 1600 inhouse for years to develop blends and roasting profiles. The pre-programmed settings allow consumers to select the type of bean profile, as well as the quantity of coffee beans you would like to roast, and the amount of time you would like them to roast. The Behmor 1600 Plus comes standard with adjustable time increments that allow you to adjust the pre-programmed time for your desired roast.

Roast and drink your favorite coffee blend with Behmor!

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