Shopping Competitively

1st-line Equipment, LLC is a leader, on-line and off-line, for home and commercial espresso-related equipment. Therefore, we have many competitors that compete for our customers. However, when shopping competitively, we ask you to keep the following in mind:

Web Site URL Address

A good indicator of a professional company is one that maintains their web site URL address (i.e. the same as their company name (1st-line Equipment, LLC). Professional companies build their online name through exceptional service. However, companies poor in service will usually try to lure potential customers by hiding / masking their own name or luring potential customers through different web site URL addresses. In two cases, we have found two espresso machine companies using web site URL’s similar to other companies. One of those cases is a company that has a web site URL similar to 1st-line’s. Although we are honored, 1st-line Equipment, LLC maintains 1 active web site:

Physical Address

There are many shops on the internet. Some post addresses while others do not. Our physical address is 265 Willow Brook Rd, Unit 6, Freehold, NJ 07728, USA. Please also note appointments are necessary as we may not have a sales representative available.

Customer Visits

E-Mail companies requesting an opportunity to visit. Be suspicious of those companies that say “No.” You can visit our address above. However, we kindly ask for an appointment to devote our professional services to you. Whether you make a purchase or not, we can guarantee that you will learn something when you visit!

Return Policies

Make certain of a published return policy for your protection and with procedures on how to handle returns. Our return policy is near the bottom of every page.


In most cases, we publish prices for our products. However, in certain cases, we can not publish prices due to manufacturer’s policies. To ensure we correctly charge you the quoted price, we verbally review the items and respective prices as we build your order. In cases whereby prices are not advertised on our site, we can upon request fax you a copy of the invoice at the time of shipment. An invoice and credit card charge slip will usually accompany your shipment unless you request otherwise.

Package Offers

Although the price is an important factor when shopping competitively, package deals, such as free shipping or included accessories may end up offering you a better value. Today, many of our competitors follow 1st-line’s lead in offering additional accessories and related items.

Privacy Policy

At 1st-line Equipment, we consider our customers as part of our family. We graciously post our Privacy Policy near the bottom of every page.

Technical Expert Services

Finally, service should be a key component in shopping competitively. Personal experience is a significant factor with regards to service. Many newer “Internet Only” firms have only 1-3 years experience with espresso machines and related equipment. At 1st-line Equipment, LLC, we have a master technician with over 35 years experience while our sales staff have the training to answer most questions to your satisfaction. If not, please let us know!

Many other companies sell espresso machines and related equipment along with thousands of other products on their websites. These companies tend not to have the technical expertise necessary for product and customer satisfaction. At 1st-line Equipment, LLC we have this Main Objective.

Please note the above information is subject to copyright. It cannot be published by any means without the expressed written consent of 1st-line Equipment, LLC.   Want to lean more? Please visit our Knowledge Base.