Coffee Roasting

Want to improve the quality of the cup from your espresso machine or coffee maker? Well, your next step may be a home coffee roaster. How do you do it? Basically, you place green coffee beans into a home model coffee roaster. Set the timer select switch. Then let the coffee roaster turn the green beans into freshly roasted beans. The process usually ranges 12 to 19 minutes. It depends upon the degree of roast darkness you would like to achieve and also your roaster model.

After roasting is complete, the beans need to de-gas for 24 hours. This process is to allow the carbon dioxide to escape from the beans which remain cooking inside. Once degassed, it is best to store your freshly roasted beans in an airtight container, and do not forget to give some to neighbors and family!

Personally, I must admit that once you experience freshly roasted coffee, you can no longer drink the stuff sold in supermarkets or fast food chains.

And, this leads us to our next topic: Where do I get green coffee beans from? Well, we sell high-quality green beans at exceptionally competitive prices. In fact, we have a new green coffee called Malabar GOLD custom blended for espresso. Try some, and you’ll be glad you did! We also have a wide selection of other green coffees which can last six months to one year unroasted (as compared to a 7-day shelf life for roasted coffees). View our green coffees here!