Concealed Damage From Inertial Forces

Sometimes, our customers receive a package in perfect shape or with slight dings and scuff marks. Internal Damage from inertial forces (just like things shift in a car when coming to a short stop or when hitting another object, like a car, tree, curb, etc) can occur on espresso machines and espresso coffee grinders. UPS and FedEx use conveyor systems that go up to 100 feet high. There are ramps and slides that packages move very quickly through their systems. At the end of the slides, boxes hit the box in front head on with very little damage to the box. However, the internal contents can still shift, or even the contents inside a machine can shift. Below is an example of a true case of damage caused by inertial forces in shipping when the customer sent in an espresso machine for repair.

No External Box Damage


Internal box in perfect shape as well


Concealed Frame Damage

No External Box Damage

In the above case, the machine arrives damaged with pipes broken, the boiler shifted, and body damage. This scenario happens on heavier weight machines, but can also happen on lighter weight machines.  Shifted boilers and broken pipes may not be seen until water is placed in the machine and powered on. If you have any water leaks, please shut off the espresso machine and contact your reseller.

Coffee grinders can have the mounts holding the motor break, bean hoppers break, or even the internal chute breaks. In the worst cases, the frame splits or the grinder motor capacitor falls off its holder and causes a spark upon startup.

At 1st-line Equipment, we inspect every piece of equipment prior to pick up or shipping. This is to make sure there was no damage in transport to us or a small chance of damage occurring in our warehouse.

If the espresso machine or grinder has body damage, do not use it as it can be become your acceptance of the damaged equipment. The reason is that UPS and FedEx can deny claims for shipping damage and blame the end user that the equipment should not have been used.

Boiler shifted downwards in transport, causing a vibration on entire machine when pump is activated