Plumbing/Spacing Requirements - Lelit PL162T Bianca -

Plumbing/Spacing Requirements – Lelit PL162T Bianca

Connecting: The Lelit Bianca can be plumbed only into a cold water line. There is an included stainless steel hose and adapter. It is really easy as the water tank hose slides off and the black wire from under the reservoir can be disconnected under the machine. Then you can connect the included stainless steel braided hose. The water reservoir can be completely removed when plumbing directly to save counter space. Please also review our commercial espresso machine basic requirements.

Water pressure: The range in water pressure to avoid issues is 35-40 psi. The line should have a backflow preventer and separate shut-off valve, and it should be 3/8th preferable to avoid water line or mechanical vibrations.

Water treatment: We strongly suggest purchasing our BWT water treatment system for optimal protection. Size S, M, or V is good for the home. Larger sizes for office use. If you do not use BWT, please do not cry to us when you have costly limescale damage issues with your Bianca. The BWT system was designed for espresso machines! There is a flush valve so the paper sediment from filter manufacturing does not clog your Bianca’s internal valves, and the meter can be programmed to measure the amount of water you use so you can change the cartridge. Try to select the cartridge that will be changed about every 6 months as you want to avoid mold build-up that can start at the 6-month mark.

Draining: For draining the drip tray, the drain hose needs to drop 1 inch for every 12 inches it moves horizontally. If not, there will be constant back up from the coffee grinds settling in the hose.

Additional dimensions: Below is a dimensional drawing of the Bianca which shows all the measures of the height including the wood feet, the brew paddle, and the top cover. We don’t suggest using smaller feet, because on the bottom of the machine there is the elbow fitting which is already at 5mm from the counter.

Lelit PL162T Bianca diagram

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