What's New at 1st-line - 1st-line: Espresso Machines and Coffee Grinders

What’s New at 1st-line

Fiorenzato All Ground

While Fiorenzato generally designs grinders primarily geared toward espresso, NOW you can use the Fiorenzato All Ground grinder for espresso, moka, and filter coffee, thanks to its micrometrical step grinding adjustment! Perfect to use in the home or small office. This grinder features electronic controls for these multiple brew methods, 64mm flat burrs coated in long-lasting TITANIUM, and more!


VBM came out with the 2021 versions of the VBM Domobar Junior Heat Exchange Espresso Machine and VBM Domobar Super Espresso Machines.

Precisely, we are offering the VBM Domobar Super Analogic Heat Exchange Espresso Machine, VBM Domobar Super Digital Dual Boiler Espresso Machine, and VBM Domobar Super Electronic Digital Dual Boiler Espresso Machine. All have a modern look with stunning stainless steel panels and both dual boiler models have upgraded pressure profiling with a gear-driven pump!

Customizable Side Panels for the VBM Domobar Junior Digital

One big feature of the 2021 VBM Domobar Junior and Super espresso machines is that while they already come with beautiful stainless steel panels, you can also customize the side panels in four different colors: Beige, Bordeaux, Light Blue, and Red! Each side panel is available for optional purchase, where you can choose Left or Right and your color. Check out the colored side panels for the Junior and Super today!

Colored Side Panels for the VBM Domobar Super Espresso Machines

Fiorenzato F64 EVO XGI

The Fiorenzato F64 EVO XGI espresso coffee grinder is for the tech-savvy professional barista! After all, it features “thinking smart” technology, so the coffee is programmed to grind according to its weight in grams, it has a digital touch display, electronic activated motor cooling fan, and more!

BARATZAgear single dose

Want to add some personality and uniqueness to your Baratza coffee grinder? Well, we have some accessories suitable for select models!

  • Firstly, if you and your family want to experiment with different coffee blends and roasts every day, then check out the BARATZAgear Single Dose Hopper!
  • Next, if you use a Baratza Sette coffee grinder and Aeropress coffee maker, then the BARATZAgear Aeropress holder will be a convenient add-on to that dynamic duo!
  • Finally, you can add some bright colored knobs to your Baratza Encore or Baratza Virtuoso with the BARATZAgear Accent Kit!
BARATZAGear Baratza Sette


The Rancilio Silvia has come a long way since Rancilio now upgraded the latest version of the Silvia to a dual boiler espresso machine! Featuring two PIDs, digital display, and more for extracting high quality espresso beverages for a very reasonable price BELOW $2,000!

Elektra Verve

The Elektra Verve is Elektra’s latest technologically innovative dual boiler espresso machine! Features a PID control and smartphone direct Wi-Fi connection to control the PID and make some of your favorite espresso recipes!

Saquella Gran Crema

The history of Saquella Caffe began in 1856 when Clemente Saquella developed a passion for coffee and tea products. Today, Saquella Caffe is proud to distribute numerous blends and roast strengths of quality Italian espresso beans. Check out the ones we have to offer! Not sure which bags to try? Then mix and match with our Saquella coffee sampler!

Saquella Gran Gusto


We offer a variety of PUQPress precision coffee tampers for the professional barista to make VERY quick and consistent tamps! Great for select commercial espresso grinders, such as those from Mahlkonig, Nuova Simonelli, and more.

Fellow Ode Brew Coffee Grinder - Flat Burr, Stepless, Doserless

The newest home coffee grinder designed by Fellow! If you are looking to grind coffee primarily for French Press, cold brew, or pour-over, then you will love the Fellow Ode Brew!

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