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Macap M2 Doserless Stepped Espresso Coffee Grinder

Check out the latest new finish on the Macap M2 Doserless series espresso grinders. This little workhorse of a grinder is fantastic for small offices and homes.

Selecting the brass finish will definitely upscale your ambiance! This beautiful brass finish was requested to match those Elektra copper & brass home models.


Stepped grinding adjustment

The adjustment disc has number labels from 1 – 9. This helps keep track of your grind setting. There are extra steps in between each number which increases the number steps available to you. The Lever on the left side keeps from your current grind setting accidentally changing. In order to change your grind setting hold the lever down and turn the adjustment disc. By turning clockwise, the grind will become coarser. By turning counter clockwise, the grind will become finer.

Adjustable fork

The distance from top of fork to coffee chute is approximately 1.75″. You can slide the fork down approximately 0.75″ to accommodate different size portafilters or removed completely to use a container.

Short, tinted bean hopper

Helps to avoid pre-mature deterioration of beans from light sources (such as sunlight). The height is ~5.5″ to the bring the total height to ~15″. The hopper is friction fit to the grinder for easy installation and removal by twisting off. The stopper allows you to remove a hopper with beans already inside.

Removable power cord & coffee grounds catch tray

Power cord plugs underneath the grinder instead of the side of the grinder which usually adds to the overall width / depth. The cord is also completely removable if you would like to keep the grinder on your counter and not have wire clutter. The tray easily hooks / unhooks onto the front foot so it won’t slide away from the grinder.



Height (inches)

15.5, approximate

Width (inches)

7, approximate

Depth (inches)

10, approximate

Weight (pounds)


Wattage (watts)


Voltage (volts)

110 – 120

Burr size (mm), Type

50, flat

Grinding speed (RPM)


Hopper capacity (grams)


Country of manufacture

Venice, Italy

  1. Changing grind settings: As with all coffee grinders, it is very important to only change grind settings when the unit is powered ‘on’ and the burrs are in motion. If you do not do this, the burrs will ‘gunk’ up and require cleaning by you every time this occurs. Changing the grind settings when the burrs are not in motion will render the grinder to only produce very coarse grinds or no grinds at all. If this result occurs, this will be considered operator error for lack of following directions, and not be classified as a defective grinder.
  2. Finding coffee grinds in a new grinder: We have confirmed that the manufacturer tests EVERY grinder with coffee beans before it leaves their facility, but they are not always able to get every trace of coffee out of the grinders after testing. As a result, you may find coffee beans or grinds inside your grinder, or there may be grinds in the packaging when you unwrap it.
  3. Static issues: There are static issues with all grinders, even the highest quality models. We firmly believe that the static comes from the coffee beans. If you are having static problems with your coffee grinder, trying using a different blend of beans.
  4. Replacing burrs: NEVER use a flat head screwdriver and hammer to wedge under the burrs for removal. This could badly damage your grinder.
  5. Electrical cord: Please note that the electrical cord is placed between the packaging (foam or cardboard) and the underside body of the grinder. During shipping, it is normal for a bend or insignificant blemish / slice to damage the cord.

  1. Manual switch models: These models are no longer being produced by the factory.
  1. Macap grinders are considered commercial equipment for grinding coffee only and cannot be returned once used.
  2. Portafilters: We have tested multiple portafilters to see if they will fit Elektra, Saeco, Ponte Vecchio portafilters or any other portafilters that have the spouts as part of the portafilter head doesn't work well with the M2 grinders, works best with commercial grade spouts.
  3. Cleaning: Before use, the bean hopper and covers should be cleaned with a mild, non-abrasive soap and rinsed.
  4. Retrofitting: Sorry, there is no retro kit available to upgrade older grinders.
  5. Bottom of grinder: You may notice a hole on the bottom base with a + / - label. This grinder uses the same base a the M2D programmable version. On the M2M version it's just an empty hole.

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