DISCONTINUED Mazzer Mini Timer Doser Espresso Coffee Grinder

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Please check out our Mazzer Mini Timer “Converted” Doserless models.


Mazzer Mini Timer Doser Espresso Coffee Grinder

The best-built, commercial espresso coffee grinder for home use and an exceptional choice for commercial use. The Mazzer Mini Timer version has a switch on the side so that the grinder will automatically stop grinding. Mazzer no longer produces a manual on/off switch version because they fear grinders may accidentally be left on all day. The built-in timer allows the unit to auto-shut off after the right amount of time. In other words, you can have the Mazzer Mini grind just the right amount of coffee based on time. However, if you keep the time the same and change the grind setting, the yield will be different.



  • Timer – Located on the right side of the grinder. Turning the dial all the way will start the grinding process and will stop after 1 minute. To manually stop the grinding process, turn the dial back counter clockwise. The timer acts as a safety feature to prevent users from walking away and overflowing the doser.

Grinding adjustment

  • Stepless – Infinite number of grind settings which allows you really fine tune your grind. Adjustment dial is located underneath the hopper. The entire dial is numbered so you can remember your current grind setting easier. Turn clockwise for a coarser grind and counterclockwise for a finer grind.
  • Adjustment lever – This lever screws into the adjustment dial and helps you easily change your grind settings. There are 5 positions where you can install this lever. Once you find your correct grind setting, you can move the lever to another position that won’t stick out the sides.

Grinding burrs

  • Flat burrs – Large size at 58 mm. The larger the size, the more of a grinding surface, resulting in faster production.
  • High rpm – Faster spinning rate at 1600 rpm. The higher the speed, the faster the production, which can increase efficiency and reduce wait times.
  • Easy access – Remove the bean hopper. Turn the grinding adjust to the coarser direction until the top assembly comes off. This will give you access to the burrs and the grinding chamber. You can remove the burrs with a Flathead or Philips head screwdriver.

Bean hopper

  • Low profile – The total height of the grinder without the hopper is a little under 12″. The bean hopper adds another 5″ bringing the total height to approximately 17″. The total capacity is approximately 1.3 pounds of whole coffee beans, a little over half the size of a standard kilo bag.
  • Set screw – Secures the hopper to the grinder. Serves as a reminder for users from quickly removing the hopper if it is full of beans.
  • Finger guard – Prevents users from “accidentally” putting their fingers in the grinding burrs.
  • Stopper – A door near the bottom of the hopper slides inward to close the opening. This allows you to remove the hopper with beans inside so you can easily change the beans. There will be some beans already passed in the burrs which will have to be ground out first before removing the hopper.


  • Adjustable dosing – Allows you to change the amount of ground coffee dispensed into your portafilter.
  • Finger guard – Located in dosing chamber.
  • Portafilter fork – Solid, chrome plated. Directs your portafilter right underneath the doser chute.
  • Built-in tamper – For those that want one. You can easily uninstall if you do not want to use.

ETL Certified

Effective July 17, 2006, all of our Mazzer Mini Timer grinders have an ETL certification. ETL certification insures that a manufacturer is utilizing quality components for product safety, and ongoing inspections and site visits by ETL insure that manufacturers do not deviate from those standards of product safety. Ultimately, this insures you that internal components are the same (no cost cutting) without the approval of ETL.

For more Mazzer equipment, please visit our Mazzer brands page. If you have any questions, please reference the Q&A tab on each product page.



Height (inches)

17, approximate

Width (inches)

6.5, approximate

Depth (inches)

13.5, approximate

Weight (pounds)


Wattage (watts)


Voltage (volts)

110 – 120

Burr size (mm), Type

58, flat

Grinding speed (RPM)


Hopper capacity (grams)


Doser/Container capacity (grams)


Country of manufacture

Venice, Italy

  1. Changing grind settings: As with all coffee grinders, it is very important to only change grind settings when the unit is powered ‘on’ and the burrs are in motion. If you do not do this, the burrs will ‘gunk’ up and require cleaning by you every time this occurs. Changing the grind settings when the burrs are not in motion will render the grinder to only produce very coarse grinds or no grinds at all. If this result occurs, this will be considered operator error for lack of following directions, and not be classified as a defective grinder.
  2. Finding coffee grinds in a new grinder: We have confirmed that the manufacturer tests EVERY grinder with coffee beans before it leaves their facility, but they are not always able to get every trace of coffee out of the grinders after testing. As a result, you may find coffee beans or grinds inside your grinder, or there may be grinds in the packaging when you unwrap it.
  3. Static issues: There are static issues with all grinders, even the highest quality models. We firmly believe that the static comes from the coffee beans. If you are having static problems with your coffee grinder, trying using a different blend of beans.
  4. Replacing burrs: NEVER use a flat head screwdriver and hammer to wedge under the burrs for removal. This could badly damage your grinder.
  5. Electrical cord: Please note that the electrical cord is placed between the packaging (foam or cardboard) and the underside body of the grinder. During shipping, it is normal for a bend or insignificant blemish / slice to damage the cord.

  1. Manual switch models: These models are no longer being produced by the factory.

Espresso Grinder Warning

  • CLEANING WARNING: We recommend using grinder cleaning agents. We do not recommend any removal of the burrs or burr carrier for cleaning as re-assembly can cause damage.
  • ELECTRICAL WARNING: To avoid electrical damage to this espresso grinder which is not considered a manufacturer's defect, please acquire and install a single-outlet surge suppressor rated at 1080 joules or higher. The lack of the recommended surge suppressor, the espresso grinder can be damaged at the power switch, the capacitor, the motor, or the wiring.

  • Use the diagrams below to help find the exact part you are looking for. After you find the part, copy the corresponding SKU #. Then use the search bar at the top of our website. If there are no results in the search, we most likely do not have the part.
  • Please note we only special order parts if the specific model was purchased through 1st-line Equipment.
  • For general questions regarding any parts, use our parts inquiry page.
1A SMISCAE03/QQQ (hopper)
1B SMISCAEU3/QQQ (hopper+label)
4 S000ETA15/AQQ
6 S000ETA03/AQQ
9 FMA00182D/QQQ
12 S000CUA07/AQQ
13 S000MOB14/QQQ
14 S000ETA00/QQQ
15 S000GUA01/QQQ
16A SMISGRA02/BQQ (manual/timer)
16B SMISGRL04/BQQ (automatic)
16C SMISGRA06/BQQ (manual/timer)
16D SMISGRE02/QQQ (ETL manual/timer)
16E SMISGRU04/BQQ (ETL automatic)
16F SMISGRE02/QQQ (ETL manual/timer)
17 S000PIA10/AQQ
18 S000TAA02/QQQ
20 S000TAA20/QQQ
21 S000TIA02/QQQ
22 S000TAA03/QQQ
23 S000MAB01/QQQ
24 S000INA09/QQQ
25 S000TAA07/QQQ
26 S000MAB05/QQQ
27 S000INA12/AQQ
28 S000FOB02/CQQ
29A S000LAA06/QQQ (230/240V,green)
29B S000LAA07/QQQ (110V UL,red)
30A SMI0PIB03/QQQ (stainless steel)
30B SMI0PIB02/QQQ (plastic)
32A SMISPAE02/QQQ (220-240V 50Hz)
32B SMISPAU02/QQQ (110V 60Hz)
32C SMISPAS02/QQQ (220V 60Hz)
32D SMISPAJ02/QQQ (100V 50-60Hz)
34A S000GRB03/QQQ (220-240V 50-60Hz)
34B S000GRB05/QQQ (110V 60Hz)
35A S000COE17/QQQ (220-240V 50-60Hz)
35B S000COE13/QQQ (110V 60Hz)
36A SMI0PINM1/QQQ (manual/timer)
36B SMI0PINA1/QQQ (automatic)
37A S000COC02/QQQ (MC 9.10 – 230V 50Hz)
37B S000COC20/QQQ (BG 9.10 – 110V 60Hz)
37C S000COC28/QQQ (BG 9.10 – 220V 60Hz)
37D S000COC24/QQQ (BG 9.10 – 100V 50-60Hz)
37E S000COC18/QQQ (BG 9.10 – 230V 50Hz)
38 S000DAA02/QQQ
39 S000MOA04/QQQ
40 S000SOT02/QQQ
41 S000TAA18/QQQ
42 S00SPIA01/QQQ
43A S000CAD01/BQQ (Italy)
43B S000CAD04/BQQ (Europe)
43C S000CAD05/BQQ (U.S.A.)
43D S000CAD07/BQQ (Australia)
43E S000CAD08/BQQ (Great Britain)
43F S000CAD10/BQQ (Israel)
43G S000CAD06/BQQ (Switzerland)
43H S000CAD16/QQQ (China)
43I S000CAD18/QQQ (Argentina)
43J S000CAD19/QQQ (Korea)
44 S000PAB15/QQQ
45 S000ETA14/AQQ
46 S000TAA19/QQQ

1 S000COD02/QQQ
2 S000CIA02/QQQ
3 S000MAB02/AQQ
5 S000SEA01/QQQ
6 S000STA03/BQQ
7 S000MOB05/QQQ
8 S000STA02/BQQ
9 S000ROA02/BQQ
10 S00SMIA07/QQQ
12A SMI0TUA04/BQQ (automatic)
12B SMI0TUA02/CQQ (manual)
13 S000ETA14/AQQ
14A S000PRA02/QAQ (53mm)
14B S000PRA02/QQQ (54.5mm)
14C S000PRA02/QCQ (57.5mm)
15 S000VIA04/QQQ
16 S000ANA01/AQQ
17 S000CRA02/AQQ
18 S000VIA01/QQQ
19 S00SCOB02/QQQ
20 S000DIA01/AQQ
21 S000MOB06/QQQ
22 S000STA05/QQQ
23 S00SMIA11/QQQ
24 S00SFOA01/QQQ
25 S000NAA01/AQQ
26 S00SLEA02/QQQ
27 S000MOB03/QQQ
28 S000FOA03/QQQ
29 S000MOB04/QQQ
30 S000ETA14/AQQ
31 S000STA06/AQQ
32 S000SEA02/QQQ
33 S000MAB03/AQQ
34 S00SGRA08/AQQ

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      Do you have parts (OEM preferred) to convert my mazzer mini doser to doserless? Please advise availability & price(s
    1. 0 votes
      Q Do you have parts (OEM preferred) to convert my mazzer mini doser to doserless? Please advise ava...... Read more answer now
      Asked by Joseph on April 22, 2020 4:07 pm
      Answered by the admin

      We do sell Mazzer OEM parts, but we do not get involved with conversions nor do we provide any answers nor guarantees of fitment with conversions. You may find others online who have performed these conversions.

    2. There appear to be 320 g, 600 g, and 1000 g hopper options for the Mazzer Mini per https://www.mazzer.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Mini.pdf, which lists the 600 g (1.3 pounds) hopper as standard and appears to shows the height of the Mazzer Mini with this hopper as 18.5". However, your website lists the height as ~ 17" but with a capacity of 1.3 pounds. Are you shipping the Mazzer Mini with a redesigned standard hopper that is ~ 5" in height but still with a capacity of 1.3 pounds? Or perhaps you are shipping the 320 g hopper?
    3. 0 votes
      Q There appear to be 320 g, 600 g, and 1000 g hopper options for the Mazzer Mini per https://www.ma...... Read more answer now
      Asked by Ken Gardner on January 19, 2019 4:38 am
      Answered by the admin

      Sorry, this will require a bit of research as Mazzer does change their height sizes quite often, and they do change their bean hoppers less often without any notification to us.

    4. What is the body material on the Mazzer Mini Grinder, metal or plastic body?
    5. 0 votes
      Q What is the body material on the Mazzer Mini Grinder, metal or plastic body? answer now
      Asked by Michael on December 10, 2018 9:15 pm
      Answered by the admin

      The body is made of Aluminum.