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Ascaso Steel Uno V4 PID Tank / Reservoir Professional Espresso Machine - boiler (returned & refurbished)

Ascaso Steel Uno V4 PID Tank / Reservoir Professional Espresso Machine - boiler (returned & refurbished)
Ascaso Steel Uno V4 PID Tank / Reservoir Professional Espresso Machine - boiler (returned & refurbished)
Ascaso Steel Uno V4 PID Tank / Reservoir Professional Espresso Machine - boiler (returned & refurbished)
Ascaso Steel Uno V4 PID Tank / Reservoir Professional Espresso Machine - boiler (returned & refurbished)
Ascaso Steel Uno V4 PID Tank / Reservoir Professional Espresso Machine - boiler (returned & refurbished)
Ascaso Steel Uno V4 PID Tank / Reservoir Professional Espresso Machine - boiler (returned & refurbished)
Ascaso Steel Uno V4 PID Tank / Reservoir Professional Espresso Machine - boiler (returned & refurbished)
Ascaso Steel Uno V4 PID Tank / Reservoir Professional Espresso Machine - boiler (returned & refurbished)
Ascaso Steel Uno V4 PID Tank / Reservoir Professional Espresso Machine - boiler (returned & refurbished)
Ascaso Steel Uno V4 PID Tank / Reservoir Professional Espresso Machine - boiler (returned & refurbished)
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This machine was returned within our 30 day return policy. The customer decided it wasn't for them. A couple shots have been pulled with this machine. There are some scratches to the top and sides of the body. Some of the accessories also have scratches. Manufacture date 09/2015.
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Version 4 Changes:
As of April 2015 production, Ascaso is combining the ground/pod system into one. This means no more conversion kits. A new grouphead design, now made with 100% solid brass. There are no internal changes from Version 3.
The addition of the PID on this already fantastic espresso machine makes it even more wonderful for the espresso enthusiast! The PID display offers functionality to program the temperature of the boiler. This allows fine tuning of the water temperature to the needs of the particular lend of coffee being consumed. Some coffee blends require a moderate temperature of 195° C versus others that like 204° F. The ultimate result that can be found is the wonderful taste in the cup!

This extra, extra ordinary home-model espresso machine has incorporated many improvements over its predecessor:
  1. There is increased cup height between portafilter spout and drip tray to 3.35"
  2. The lateral removable water reservoir allows easy access for refill and cleaning without moving moving machine away from overhead cabinets. It also allows you view the water level.
  3. The featured cool touch and multi-directional steam wand allows brief handling for moving an internally piping, hot wand.
  4. The rubber protector over wand allows holding the wand for longer periods of time (we do not know of any cool touch wand will allow you to hold the wand for more than 5 seconds continuously)
  5. The steam wand is made of stainless steel, unlike chrome over brass found on other machines
  6. The 325 cL brass boiler is plated with nickel and incorporated with a professional grade 3-way solenoid valve
  7. The professional-grade 58 mm portafilter handle was designed and manufactured with a 10° tilt for ergonomic handling
  8. The non-slip grip on portafilter handle offers a feel of professionalism in the home
  9. A solid aluminum tamper is included with the accessory kit
  10. Highly polished filter baskets with micro-fine smooth holes offer superior extractions over standard baskets
Advantages over competing models in similar price ranges, include:
  1. Large size cup warmer (~14.5" x 10.6")
  2. PID display shows temperature of boiler in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  3. Side rails (rear rail was removed from machines for the USA to provide greater area for cup warmer)
  4. Exterior body completely made of stainless steel
  5. Boiler over grouphead design allows water to evenly heat grouphead which leads to better espresso extractions
  6. Steam wand is multi-directional, sizes at 10mm professional grade, is stainless, and includes a 1 hole steam tip
  7. Ergonomic, no-slip grip, professional grade portafilter assembly knocks the socks off of the competition!
The main reason to get this machine is the taste of the espresso in the cup! The PID controller and thermal sensor now inside the boiler makes it happen at such an affordable price!

Like its predecessors, the version 3, launched in 2014, has approximately a 30-45 second wait time to go from coffee mode to steam mode (after depressing the steam switch). After steaming milk, the user can depress the steam switch off. After placing a cup under the steam wand, the user can rotate the steam valve/knob to the on position, and the hot water switch must be depressed for the the pump to activate so that the 'too hot steamed water' exits and the temperature of the boiler can be brought down to make additional espresso. In espresso coffee mode, this machine can make back to back espresso until the reservoir runs out of water.

The professional, three-way solenoid valve relieves the pressure on the filter basket immediately when you depress the coffee switch to off. This prevents the 'explosion' of coffee grounds that is normally found on home espresso machines without three way solenoid valves. The solenoid valve on this machine also assists in creating a dry puck after the extraction (please note there are certain coffees, grinds, and amounts of coffee that will make a wet extracted puck which no three way valve will help).

Maintenance is simple! Descale once every 3 months to remove the calcium/magnesium build up inside the machine. Backflush once every 50 espresso extractions. Clean the water reservoir once every 2 weeks and the drip tray once every 3 days - each manually with non-abrasive dish-wash detergent. To further protect your investment, plug the machine's electrical plug into a surge suppressor 1080 joules or higher. The surge suppressor should then be plugged directly into the wall outlet or a timer if you have one. In fact, if you do have a timer, make sure the coffee, hot water, and steam switches are in the off position. if these are left in the on position, your machine could potentially be damaged.

Enjoy the Ascaso Steel Uno Professional PID Version 3 espresso machine today in preparing your favorite beverages! Espresso, cappuccino, latte, cafe americano, and hot chocolate to name a few!Features:
  • PID temperature programming allows user to change boiler temperature through the use of the digital display/control panel on the front panel of the machine. The display reads out the current temperature of the coffee boiler. The thermal sensor on the version 3 is now inside the boiler as opposed to previous versions where it was on the outside.
  • Brushed stainless steel finished body over a black enamel painted steel frame.
  • Water reservoir removable from the right SIDE of the machine.
  • Nickel-plated brass boiler capacity: ~325cc.
  • Brass boiler is located directly over the brass grouphead for superior temperature stability compared to boilers that are offset from the grouphead.
  • Ergonomic-styled brass filter handle with plastic grip.
  • Slide out drip tray made of plastic for easy cleaning (please note drip tray cover is part of machine). Front portion of pull out drip tray is in brushed stainless steel.
  • Four selection switches: power on/off, espresso extracting, hot water, and coffee/steam mode.
  • Vent in top rear of machine allow heat near water reservoir to escape.
  • Blue lights indicate power, heating, low water (lights from left to right). Blue lights (left to right) indicate power, heating (on when heating in coffee or steam mode), pump for hot water on, and steam mode (on when machine is in steam mode).
  • Three-way solenoid valve allows the immediate removal of the filter handle when the espresso extraction is completed. The three way valve also allows the user to backflush the grouphead.
  • Multi-directional steam wand allows the desired angle of the steam wand into the steaming pitcher (recommended size 20 oz or less) on counter or placement over drip tray.
  • Passive cup warmer on top with side guard rails.
  • Measurements: ~11" W (including steam knob) or ~14" with steam wand extended out to side by ~14.0" H (including rail) in rear and ~15" H in front (including rail) by ~11.5" D from back panel to front of inserted drip tray and ~16.5 from back to tip of portafilter handle".
  • Water tank: 2 liters.
  • Body: Brushed stainless steel.
  • Recommended tamper size: 58mm.
  • Weight: ~28.5 lbs.
  • Voltage: 120 volts.
  • Power: 1000 watts.
  • Pump Pressure: up to 16 bar (only 9 bar is needed to make espresso).
  • PID boiler temperature controller in coffee mode. Steam thermostat controls steam temperature.
  • Accessories Included: filter handle with dual spouts, single cup filter basket, double cup filter basket, solid aluminum tamper (57mm), pod filter basket instruction manual and quick start guide.
  • Made in Barcelona, Spain. Please note that inside Ascaso's 21st century warehouse, every Ascaso machine is tested with water and with testing equipment to insure the highest quality standards are achieved.
  1. The instructional manuals for Ascaso are printed for worldwide distribution and covers almost every model produced worldwide. With this in mind, there may be features, accessories, or colors available in Ascaso equipment in other countries, but not available in our models produced for the United States.
  2. To program the boiler temperature, the user needs to press the left little button on the temperature display and then immediately press the right button to show the program temperature. The left button can be pressed for each degree to decrease, and the right button can be pressed once for each degree to be increased.
  3. There are no pressurized filter baskets available for this machine.
  4. The right button on the temperature display can be pressed and held to shut off the PID controller.
  5. The PID controller will stay on even when the main power switch is shut off.
  6. When turned off, the PID controller will remain to display OFF until the machine is unplugged.
  7. If the unit arrives with a temperature display in Celsius, it can be changed. Before plugging the electrical cord to the electrical outlet, both buttons on the temperature display need to be depressed and held while and other person plugs the electrical cord into the electrical outlet. Once F.03 is displayed, the two buttons can be released. Depress and release the right button once. It will display Celsius. Immediately depress the right button and F will display. Leave alone for 20 seconds, unplug the electrical cord from the electrical outlet, and then plug it back in after waiting 10 seconds. The display will not be in Fahrenheit.
  8. Sorry, per Ascaso's confirmation, there is no retrofit kit to upgrade the steam wand nor valve on the Version 1 models of the Steel series of espresso machines as there too many differences internally to configure an upgrade.
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